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Sean graduated Emerson College with a  B.F.A. in Theatrical Design/Technology.

He designed three MainStage shows while at Emerson College:

Getting Out  (2017), Pride & Prejudice  (2017), and Lucky Stiff  (2018). 

He discovered his love for immersive theater while studying Catalan Art & Theatre in Barcelona during the summer of '16.  Upon returning from Spain, he co-designed two immersive plays, Claustrophile & Blood of My Blood. In December (2018) he  co-directed and prop mastered a devised, immersive play called IPSEITY

He is passionate about horror, Surrealist art, and queer art/storytelling. 

He spent the summer of 2017 at Barrington Stage as Scenic Artist and summer of 2019 as Properties Intern at Williamstown Theatre Festival. Since 2019, he has freelance assisted scenic designers, props designed, and worked as an illustrator/fashion renderer in Brooklyn, NY. His love for plants came to a head while working as a gardener for Flo's Gardens in Brooklyn, NY during 2021. He most recently worked as Quest Director at PLATO Learning's Camp Jupiter in Prospect Park (2022).




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